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   Located in the Indian ocean, 200 kms from Mauritius and 10 000 kms from Paris, Réunion is a small island 2 500 square kms in area with 650 000 inhabitants. Colonised by France since its discovery, it is a french overseas department since 1946, the inhabitants are french citizens.  

    Servas Réunion is young, friendly and dynamic. The main handicap is the few travellers that come to visit. That is why we want to develop all forms of activities with neighbouring countries as the case with Mauritius.

 We wish to contribute in "Servas South Africa". 

   Reunion is a "portion of Europe" in Africa, contributing to the mosaic of the african puzzle.The difference in the cultural,social, and economic fields should be the cement for the development of Servas in Africa.

   Servas families are different by their composition, socially, geographically and culturally, this is the richness of Servas, but they have a common goal. Réunion hosts are mainly of french origins, speaking some english and nobody is member of pacifist associations, but we like to meet people and share our experience of life.
   Every year, we have a wonderful weekend where most famililes are present. We take this opportunity to discuss Servas in our department, in France and ... in Southern Africa!

   Servas Réunion is not an autonomous association but is a branch of 


   The hosts are listed in the France Host List and we have the same rules. . We receive individually «Vagabondages», the biannual newsletter of Servas France.

   Half of the hosts have travelled with Servas, particularly in Australia and South Africa, but occasionally in the other countries of Southern Africa. This is why we have organised a host exchange between Mauritius and Réunion in June 1997 spending a weekend with our mauritian friends

.   Every year, an average of five to six visitors mostly from France visit Réunion, which is few for hosts eager to have visitors. In fact, the inhabitants of Southern Africa countries are not used to travel for vacation and the high cost of living in Réunion is comparable to France. Also, travellers are unlikely to look for Reunion hosts in

Servas France Host List

   We are delighted to be included in the

                                                     Servas Southern Africa List.